When Building an Online Directory

Yellow pages are a great source when you are looking for a local business or business information. Whenever you are looking for a lawyer, general contractor, electrician, locksmith, landscape architect and so on, the first thing you do is search in the yellow pages. In the past, yellow pages referred to the yellow section in the phonebook. Finding a particular business or services providers used to take quite a bit of time. However, since yellow pages became digital and went online, finding business information has become fairly easy. A good yellow pages directory has the potential to become popular within a short span of time. If you are thinking of building one such directory, you would need to keep certain things in mind.

 local business

Collecting data is the most important component whenever you are thinking of building a yellow pages directory. Gather all the necessary information about local businesses. The data you gather needs to be accurate, current and user-friendly. You would also need to update your database on a regular basis so that new business and service providers are added to the list. Keeping your database updated will also make sure that the information is current and user-friendly.


You would need to determine which areas you want to focus on. While some yellow pages service regional and local space, there are others that cover national as well as global space. If you are going to create a local yellow pages directory site, you would only include business from the city. These are some of the common factors that you need to remember.


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